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Transformation Leadership

Tap into my 36 years of experience of leading transformation programs

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I saw Catriona mostly in her role as a senior leader and driver of transformation. Her ability to connect with people, and her focus on developing and mentoring others was exemplary. Functionally, Catriona was a driver of change. Both organically, where she led overhauls in many facets of the business (Health and Safety, Sustainability, Environmental, and Quality), and via acquired companies…… Her intellectual capability along with great interpersonal acumen rendered her a very impactful leader. I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed working together with her!


Former Senior Vice President, Jacobs, USA

Experienced in:


One to one dialogue with CEO looking to implement significant changes in business structure and ownership.


One to one support to European Director looking to integrate several acquisitions and create a transformative strategy for growth


Lead significant transformative improvements across Jacobs’ Health, Safety & Wellbeing culture, achieving world class safety performance across all industry sectors, including global mental health programme

Catriona is a decisive leader who puts people at the forefront of any issues or opportunities. One to tackle even the wickedest of problems, she could quickly find clarity in complexity where others couldn't. A flair for creativity, Catriona was able to take a broader view and consider wider implications and opportunities that could be distilled down to a simple proposition which could easy create a significant step change.


Vice President, Brisbane, Australia

Consultation on Transformation Leadership

This is a huge topic so I suggest in the first instance we have a call, to better understand your objectives. I can then provide you with a costed way forward.

Catriona is simultaneously a big thinker and very pragmatic. She is results oriented, while being supportive along the way to her team. Catriona has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of challenging topics and to facilitate or lead discussions that need to occur to bring a team to the next level of performance.


General Manager &Vice President, Houston, USA

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