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ESG & Sustainability

I’ve been there, and know what great ESG and Sustainability outcomes look like. I can help you deliver enduring change, purpose and value for your stakeholders

ESG: Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance is an evaluation of a firm’s collective conscientiousness for social and environmental factors. It is typically a score that is compiled from data collected surrounding specific metrics related to intangible assets within the enterprise.

Sustainability: the capacity to endure in a relatively ongoing way across various domains of life. In the 21st century, it refers generally to the capacity for Earth’s biosphere and human civilization to co-exist. 

Experienced in:


Training in ESG for senior leaders and business development professionals and Tailored ESG reporting guidance for specific markets including power, chemicals, mining and infrastructure.


Contributing to workshop thinking around sustainability in the Supply Chain and the circular economy


Presentation on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to support strategy and ESG Presentation and Q&A with finance leaders.

Catriona is incredibly supportive of new progressive thinking and was instrumental in creating a major new business…… which took the delivery of sustainable solutions for clients to a whole new level. She was key to making sustainability part of the company.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Catriona, she brings experience, drive and innovation and does so in a very human way.


Director of Sustainability & Climate Action, UK

Consultation on ESG & Sustainability

This is a huge topic so I suggest in the first instance we have a call, to better understand your objectives. I can then provide you with a costed way forward.

Catriona is a well-rounded executive and compassionate leader and is a great addition and/or counsel to any organization requiring her assistance. Catriona 's vision was always developed into strategy and operationally executed in a team approach where she gave… leaders and team the freedom and platform to succeed.


Vice President, Houston, USA

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